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Things you need to know about Mid-century modern style

The mid-century modern interior design’s popularity stems from several factors, including organic curves, clean lines, and a touch of different materials. Simplicity, as well as functionality, is the number one signature of the mid-century modern style. This style started in the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s and surprisingly continues to appeal to most homeowners today.

Materials and colors

New construction methods, colors, and materials found their way and dramatically influenced the mid-century modern styles. For instance, designers used plastic for its properties rather than to mimic wood. Home designers were at liberty to use traditional materials such as wood and non-traditional materials such as glass plywood, metal, lucite, and plexiglass.

The furniture

Although you may want an authentic mid-century design, you have to go easy on your wallet. Most furniture designers and manufacturers are now adapting highly sought-after mid-century furniture sets and other design elements to match contemporary life by updating materials and fabrics. These, together with new manufacturing methods, make furniture pieces quite affordable. Look for furniture pieces that have curving lines and multiple uses.


Mid-century colors were often bright or emphasized certain design features and elements. Unfortunately, these hues aren’t as popular today, but you can still achieve a mid-century modern look by blending colorful statements with muted or neutral colors. It would be best if you remembered that the secret of bringing the mid-century modern design into your living space is not in trying to imitate it exactly. You should instead start with mid-century tables or armchairs and work out from there. Remember to embrace negative space and avoid clutter at all costs.

Create a futuristic look

The effects of the US space race and obsession with the future of space technology in the 50s and 60s rippled onto domestic levels. Homes, clothes, tv shows, and objects took a new futuristic life. Therefore, you can create things and themes with futuristic looks to give your interiors a mid-century modern style.

Minimal window dressing

Large windows featured in most mid-century modern homes. These expansive windows let in more natural light and blur the line between the natural world and interior spaces. If curtains are a must-have, make sure they are air-light fabrics that let in fresh air and natural light while providing much-needed privacy.

Ready to adopt the mid-century modern interior design style? Check out the Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern style, but remember to keep it functional and within budget.