interior design sideboard

Styling Ideas for your Sideboard

Sideboards form a crucial part of interior design. Before purchasing a new sideboard, you need to consider several factors to get the best out of your sideboard. Sideboard styling ideas vary depending on the purpose as well as the design of the sideboard. Here are some ideas you might consider when styling your sideboard.

Styling based on the size of the sideboard

Sideboards come in varied sizes and shapes. With the size of the sideboard in mind, here are some of the styling ideas you should consider.

  • Create moderate symmetry – Symmetry is very important when placing your sideboard. If you have a patterned wall, you should ensure the straight lines of the sideboard match with the wall pattern. A symmetrically placed sideboard can act as a centerpiece for your house.
  • Make the sideboard practical- When styling your sideboard, you need to ensure the arrangement of items on it is practical. Maintain a relatively adequate distance between items placed on the sideboard for visibility. For instance, a crowded sideboard top gives a bad impression of the interior design. Well-spaced items on a sideboard allow ornaments and artworks to be seen properly.
  • Have a theme for your interior design- The size of a sideboard you choose depends on your interior design theme. If you intend to establish a mid-century theme, sideboards of a larger size are recommended.

Styling based on the function of the sideboard

When styling your sideboard, its intended function is very important. Sideboards can be used mainly for ornamental or storage purposes. Here are some ideas you might employ when styling based on the purpose of your sideboard.

  • Avoid overloading the sideboard – if the sideboard’s intended purpose is mainly storage, you need to keep the load applied on it below its maximum capacity. This ensures your sideboard stays in use for a longer period.
  • Ensure the right items are placed on the sideboard top – sideboards used for ornamental purposes are best if the right items are displayed on them. Placing flower vases at the edges of the sideboard attracts attention towards items placed at the center. Therefore, if you wish to display a painting or any other piece of work on your sideboard, it is best if you place it at the center.

Other factors when styling your sideboard depends on personal tastes and preferences. However, you need to consult an interior design expert to achieve the best out of your sideboard.