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Top Living Room Design Tips

The living room is an integral part of any home. It is one of the spaces where residents of a home spend a lot of time bonding with family, unwinding after a long day, or hosting visitors. A well-designed living room elevates the home’s general feel and prompts people to want to spend more time in it due to its warmth and comfort. Irrespective of your living room size, there are ways to transform your living space into the living room of your dreams with a few steps.

Choose a Layout

How you arrange your living room contributes significantly to the outcome of the living room design. The layout is often determined by the size and shape of the living room. Longer continuous walls generally guide where the most prominent furniture pieces such as a couch would go. Another thing that helps determine the layout is the wiring of the house. Basic living rooms will automatically dictate the focal wall where a TV would go depending on space’s cabling and wiring works. Modern living rooms offer flexibility and may have multiple power outlets to enable residents to determine how they would like to arrange the space. If you have a fireplace, your furniture layout should be strategic to allow people to access the fireplace when it’s lit.


The most prominent piece in any living room is the furniture in it. Couches come in different design styles and sizes. A room looks more organized and well thought of when the furniture is just right. Select a theme for your space and choose furnishings in line with this theme. For a more contemporary style, you can never go wrong with Chesterfield style sofas. L-shaped sofas are suitable for modern living rooms. To achieve a more Bohemian style living room, rustic furniture such as pallet seats are the right choice. Whatever style of furniture, it should also be the right size and proportional to the room to avoid crowding. Other furniture pieces, such as coffee tables or consoles, should match the rest of the room’s theme.


A luxurious living room and a basic one will vary in terms of the decor items used. Decor does not have to be expensive; it just needs to be tasteful and suitable for space. Break the monotony of your coffee table with some books or a simple centerpiece. Throw pillows, flowers, candles, and wall art are simple decorating choices and are relatively affordable, depending on where you buy.